Smartphone Full Screen Video Sync – at last!

If you've ever tried to sync any videos from your PC to your SPV C600 smartphone, you'll know that they play back in a postage stamp size.

On the SPV C500 it is possible to change a registry key to correct this behaviour but this isn't possible on the C600. However – Andy at found a solution which works for me. This is a modification of his original post which can be found here.

  1. Copy \Windows\WMSyncCaps.xml from your phone to your PC

  2. Rename the file to WMSyncCaps2.xml on the PC

  3. Open the file in Notepad and change all the 'height' values to 240, and all the 'width' values to 320.

  4. Save the file

  5. Copy it back to \Windows\ on your phone

  6. Using a registry editor for your phone, edit HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WMDM changing the value WMDMCapabilities to point to the new WMSyncCaps2.xml file

  7. Delete WMPInfo.xml from the root of your storage card

  8. Disconnect and reboot your phone.

  9. Start Media Player on your PC, from the Tools menu, selection Options, the Devices, the click the Advanced button. Finally click the Delete Files button to remove any cached files.

  10. When your phone has rebooted, connect it to your PC and try to sync a video to your phone.


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