Visual Task Tips

Visual Task Tips is a very lightweight shell enhancement utility. It provides thumbnail preview images for each task in the Windows Taskbar, like in the upcoming Microsoft Windows Vista. It's simple to use, just download and install it. Best of all, it's completely free (for non-commercial use)

Click here to visit their home page: Visual Task Tips Home


3 Responses to “Visual Task Tips”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Good call, more stable than I would’ve imagined.

  2. Mark Says:

    Ever tried uninstalling it though? It never goes away!

  3. sweevo Says:

    Mark: I’d not tried uninstalling it before, so I gave it a try (using the Start Menu item that it created when I installed it) – It seems to have uninstalled completely, It doesn’t pop up any more and I can’t see anything left behind.

    I checked their website to see what version they’re up to, it’s v2.1 – is it possible you’re on an older version that had uninstall issues?

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